1964-1973 Mustang Dash Pads & Bezels

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Why Choose Premium Pony Parts for Your Mustang Dash Pad?

If you're on the hunt for a dash pad to complete the interior restoration of your classic Mustang from the years 1965-1973, you've come to the right place! At Premium Pony Parts, we share your passion for these iconic American muscle cars and are here to guide you on your journey to finding the perfect dash pad.

  • - Uncompromising Quality: Our dash pads are meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using premium materials to ensure they stand the test of time.

  • - Originality Preserved: We understand the importance of preserving your Mustang's original look. That's why our dash pads are designed to match the factory specifications, ensuring an authentic appearance.

  • - Extensive Selection: Whether you're after a classic black dash pad or a specific color to match your interior, we offer a wide range of options to cater to your needs.

  • - Expert Guidance: Our team of Mustang aficionados and experts is here to provide you with guidance and support at every step. Have questions or need advice? We're just a phone call or email away!

Selecting the Ideal Dash Pad for Your Classic Mustang:

  1. Year and Model: Start by specifying the year and model of your classic Mustang to ensure a precise fit and an authentic look.

  2. Material: Our dash pads come in various materials, each carefully chosen for durability and authenticity. Choose the material that best suits your restoration project.

  3. Color: Match the dash pad color to your Mustang's interior, whether you're seeking a classic hue or a unique custom shade.

Our Dedication to Your Satisfaction:

At Premium Pony Parts, we take immense pride in serving the classic Mustang community, and your satisfaction is paramount. When you choose our dash pads, you're not just acquiring a part; you're investing in the enduring legacy of your cherished Mustang.

Embark on your quest for perfection today! Discover our range of dash pads and let us help you revitalize your classic Mustang's interior.